Our Solar Expert Answers Your Questions on Solar Panel System Costs – Part II

This blog is a part of an interview series where we sat down with our solar expert to get your burning questions answered. Visit this link to read Part 1.

Now that we know about the initial installation costs from Part 1, we asked our solar expert about any ancillary costs related to installing a home solar system. Here’s what we learned about some pre and post-installation costs you should be aware of:


Q: My roof is over 15 years old. Should I reroof it before installing solar panels?

A: One of the most common home upgrades before solar installation is roof repair. As previously mentioned, solar panels are expected to last 25 years, while most roofs are rated for 20 to 50 years, depending on materials. If your roof is already 15+ years old, depending on its condition, your installer may recommend either reroofing partially or entirely before installing solar panels. If roof repair or replacement is required after solar panels are installed, the solar system will need to be fully removed and reinstalled, which will cost more than fixing it first.


Q: Is it necessary for me to upgrade my electrical panel?

A: Depending on how old it is, upgrading your switchboard may be necessary when going solar. Your installer can guide you if your switchboard requires an upgrade.


Q: Will there be a need for post-installation maintenance?

A: Solar panels are installed outside and are exposed to all weather conditions. Even though solar panels are durable, periodic maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal system efficiency and safety. Your installer may be able to service your solar panel system as a part of servicing agreement. If you are not happy with your original installer, check online for someone who specialises in this. We strongly recommend looking for a licenced electrician or installer accredited by the Clean Energy Council.


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