Maximize Energy Resilience with MPPT 100

Here at Schneider Electric Solar, we value energy resilience. The new Conext MPPT 100 solar charge controller offers the optimum system performance for the self-reliance of all energy needs.

With the MPPT 100 600 Vdc solar charge controller, experience high power PV optimization and battery charge control with 6 kW of charging power and oversized PV array power ratings up to 8.5 kW. Together with the XW Pro, maximize energy resiliency with its reliable power supply during outages. In DC-coupled system configurations, this solar charge controller supports black start, providing power restoration through DC charging when PV returns. With its flexibility, the MPPT 100 is scalable for larger installations and has flexible string sizing with a wide MPPT and PV operating voltage range. It offers faster, easier, and lower-cost installations with 50% less wiring than low voltage charge controllers. It’s not only suitable for off-grid applications, it can also be used for homes connected to the electricity grids.

MPPT 100’s compatibility with other Schneider Electric’s technologies provides the optimal experience for your entire solar and storage system. It’s compatible with our XW and SW storage inverter solutions for maximum system performance. Further, increase efficiency by connecting your system to our highly secure energy management platform. The Insight Energy Management Platform provides accessible monitoring and control from anywhere at any time. Installers can expect multi-site management and remote firmware upgrade, while homeowners can benefit from the easy analysis of their energy use.

Learn more about the MPPT 100 here.