Introducing Schneider Electric’s CL 33/50

Meet Schneider Electric’s newest additions to the CL Series string inverters: CL 33/50

The CL 33/50 is our newest string inverter, perfect for commercial and industrial buildings. Whether it’s carports, schools, restaurants, or apartments, the CL 33/50 is the ideal solution for your solar power system. Experience optimum system performance with its 98.7% peak efficiency, up to 1.5 DC/AC ratio, and integrated DC/AC surge protection. With its top-notch cybersecurity, you can be free of worry. Together with our Insight Energy Management system, your information is secured with our encrypted communication in compliance with international cybersecurity standards, so you can have confidence that your data is safe at all times.

Improvements include ease of installation and lower weight to enhance installer experience so you can cut down on installation time. The CL 33/50 is accessible for operation, maintenance, and service. Expect expert assistance with ease with our multilingual tech support in English, Spanish, and French.

Connect the CL 33/50 with the XW Pro for backup power and energy security. The compatibility of the CL 33/50 with other Schneider Electric technologies provides the solution that’s right for you. With this flexibility, build the ideal system based on your unique needs and preferences. The scalability of Schneider Electric solar products give your power system the ability to become future-proof, having the quality, bankability, and reliability that you want in your solar investments. This means you can save more money, with products that last.

The following models are available for APAC/EMEA:

  • CL 33/50

Monitor and control your system from anywhere

Now, installers can decrease their site visits, saving time and effort. Connecting the CL 33/50 with our InsightFacility and Insight Mobile app makes system management accessible and easy. So whether you’re on-site or off, you can observe and analyze the performance of your system at any time with our Insight Energy Management. Commercial site operators can manage multiple installations on one platform and directly observe how their systems are contributing to their energy needs.

Your data is available for monitoring, controlling, and reporting straight from your device. With this smart-edge system, manage settings and firmware upgrades remotely, all from the tips of your fingers.

Protect your data

With advanced cybersecurity, experience top data protection. Have peace of mind knowing that storing and sending your data to our cloud will remain confidential. The Insight edge devices protect all data by encryption and ensure that site access and information are secured.

Learn more about the newest CL 33/50 here.