Managing Solar and Storage Made Easier with InsightMobile Latest Updates

Schneider Electric Solar is excited to announce the latest update of the InsightMobile app on both Android and iOS devices. This new version will make it even easier for solar professionals and homeowners to monitor their Schneider Electric Solar and storage system. It has introduced lots of new and exciting features and benefits, so let us take a look!

Live, interactive dashboard

Keeping the utmost user experience in mind, we redesigned the dashboard with a more interactive interface and new display settings. Now, you can monitor your real-time production and consumption on one dashboard.

We’re also introducing the Night mode display setting to increase visibility and make it easier on your eyes, especially when viewing the app at night. Night mode allows your InsightMobile app to have a dark color scheme, with light text and icons on a dark background.


Go to ‘Settings’ tab and turn the Toggle switch to display the Night mode

More data for easier management

In the latest version of the InsightMobile app, we added more information so that you can stay on top of your system. With the new weather forecast feature, you can prepare your home for weather changes. The dashboard allows users to update their site location if not previously configured. The analyze screen now features information on Energy Production, Consumption, and Grid Utilization.


Swipe to see the weather forecast at your site.

The new site editing feature

As part of this update, solar professionals now have even further control over how the site is configured. With the InsightMobile app, you can now edit the site, scan the MAC address and serial number as you configure a site.

See your progress with the history comparison feature

For our homeowners, the new history comparison feature can help you identify any unusual consumption patterns, which may be impacting your electricity bills. Also, your environmental footprint could be shown daily and throughout your lifetime, making it easier for you to understand how far you have come.


Go to ‘History’ tab, then hit ‘Compare’ box to choose the time you want to compare.

More language for easier navigation

We added multi-language support in this update as well. The InsightMobile app now supports English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Italian in addition to English as the default language.Ready to experience the power of Insight Mobile? Get the InsightMobile app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


About Insight

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