Hybrid Systems Australia: Bringing Power to Western Australia

With 20 years of experience, Schneider Electric Solar provides powerful and reliable solar power conversion and energy management products for homes and industries around the globe. Hybrid Systems Australia, Schneider Electric Solar partner, will deliver 60 Stand-Alone Power Systems (SPS/SAPS) across Western Australia for Western Power’s 2021-2022 Project, and in response to Cyclone Seroja.

Stand-Alone Power Systems (SPS/SAPS) are renewable energy units independent of the main grid. SPS efficiently supplies residential customers who experience frequent outages with a reliable, resilient source of power. SPS are comprised of solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, battery storage, and a backup generator, as in Hybrid Systems Australia’s case.

Hybrid Systems Australia selected the Schneider Electric XW Pro hybrid inverters & charge controllers for the supply, delivery, installation, and operation of 60 SPS, in addition to the existing 45 Schneider Electric XW equipped SPS delivered throughout regional Western Australia in 2020 for Western Power’s SPS Round 1 Project. The XW Pro is a scalable hybrid inverter that allows for reliable operation of off-grid needs and a flexible battery storage capacity with optional generator integration. Paired with the Conext MPPT Charge Controllers, Hybrid Systems Australia’s SPS will not only be complete but provide optimum system performance to customers in need of a resilient power source.

Pictured: Hybrid Systems Australia – Bringing Power to Western Australia

As part of Western Power’s 2021-2022 project, 35 of the 60 SPS will be installed across fringe of grid residential customers on the South-West Interconnected System (SWIS), an electricity grid in Western Australia disconnected from larger Australian grids. The remaining 25 SPS are being installed as part of the business’s response to the devastating Cyclone Seroja in early 2021. This removes the need to rebuild hundreds of kilometres of damaged, traditional infrastructure and provides a highly reliable, renewable source of energy for these utility customers moving forward.

Once completed in early 2022, Hybrid Systems Australia will have delivered a total of 105 SPS, each sized and designed to meet the customers’ power needs. By utilizing a total of 800kW of solar panels, 660kW of solar inverters and over 2,400kWh of lithium battery energy storage, Hybrid Systems Australia and Schneider Electric Solar will power hundreds of homes. Equipped with a high-efficiency diesel generator, residential customers connected to the SPS will feel confident that their batteries have backup power whenever required.

Hybrid Systems Australia’s rollout of Stand-Alone Power Systems for Western Power’s 2021-2022 project is a giant step towards showing the world how valuable SPS can be. Instead of replacing expensive, traditional infrastructure, SPS are an alternative technology that can reliably meet customers’ power needs. Schneider Electric Solar is proud to be partnered with Hybrid Systems Australia during this rollout, as we share the goal of ensuring everyone is met with clean, renewable energy to power their homes.