We are pleased to invite you to the webinar ‘Schneider Electric Solar: Transition from Config Tool/SCP to InsightLocal’ where we will explain how to use the Insight Local to configure your SW, XW+, XW Pro or MPPT´s.

  • InsightLocal is either an Insight Home or Insight Facility edge controller, and they both have advanced features over the config. tool and SCP.
  • InsightLocal’s installation is always necessary when using an XW Pro, because of the extra functionality the XW Pro has over the XW+.
  • The user interface of InsightLocal is much easier and more flexible than the config. tool and SCP, and therefore allowing to get your inverter up and running much quicker.

The webinar will be conducted by one of our Sales Application Engineers, Babajide Ogunlesi, next Tuesday 25th October at 10:00 AM (CEST), and will take around 45min ~ 1h.

We would like to share with you this webinar with a brand new format: we will give you the opportunity to open your microphone and ask your questions directly to our Sales Application Engineer. For the smooth running of the webinar, anyone who wants to ask a question, will first need to send in the chat tab this emoji: 🙋‍♂️ or 🙋‍♀️ to request the floor to ask a question, and then we will ask each of you, in turn, to open your microphone to ask your question.

Thank you for joining us!