Escuela Técnica de Electricidad educates next generation solar professionals in Puerto Rico

Written by Guest Blogger Sandra Herrera, Sales Application Engineer

The Escuela Técnica de Electricidad (ETE) was founded in 1984, offering multiple carrier paths to Puerto Ricans in areas on industrial, building, and commerce for over 35 years. The school’s mission includes to educate and train technicians for the fields of industry, commerce and construction, contributing to the growth and development of the Puerto Rican economy. Some of the programs offered are in electrical, refrigeration, and photovoltaic certificates.

The photovoltaic certificate program includes the design and installation of solar systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. This nine-month, full-time program prepares students in all aspects of the solar plant, including design, diagnostics, troubleshooting of all the electrical components. About 30-40 students graduate from the solar photovoltaic design and installation course every year.

The academic work is balanced with hands-on practice, including the actual installation of solar modules, racking, electrical conduits, inverter connections, and wiring. In all program locations in Ponce, Fajardo and San Juan, the students have access to full Schneider Electric solar systems in the labs for their hands-on practices, including installation, configuration, commissioning and troubleshooting.

Schneider Electric has conducted several trainings at the schools specifically for the students and faculty. Additionally, ETE teams have been part of other activities provided by Schneider Electric.

In December 2019, in combination with Wholesale Electric Caribe Inc. (WECI) Schneider Electric conducted a full-day training at the Ponce campus. The training concluded with an award ceremony in recognition of the excellent work from ETE in support of their students and community.

During the ceremony, Schneider Electric and WECI donated a full battery-based solar system, which included SW storage inverter, MPPT 60 150 charge controller, and accessories. The new system will be installed by the students in the solar PV lab at the Ponce campus. They’re also planning to install a solar system for critical loads of the school in the coming months.

“We are a big fan of Schneider Electric” Daniel Schultz Cruz, MSEE, PE Academic Director of Escuela Técnica de Electricidad. “Students will have full installation experiences with the solar storage system that are widely used in Puerto Rico. We’re truly grateful for all the help and collaboration that Schneider Electric has provided to our institution, and we look forward to more such great experiences.”