Introducing XW Pro Solar + Storage Solution for Hawaii

Aloha! We have an exciting announcement for Hawaii. Our new XW Pro Solar + Storage solution is compliant with Hawaiian Electric’s requirements, which means our customers with XW Pro hybrid inverter can participate in HECO’s Self-Supply and NEM Plus programs and export excess power to the grid. But that’s not all! Let us introduce some key features the XW Pro Solar + Storage can bring to your home.

The ultimate backup power performance

Secure power for your home and self-supply your own electricity with Schneider Electric’s XW Pro solar + storage solutions, including optional generator integration:

  • Reliable backup power when the grid goes down and off-grid operation thanks to a 1.75x overload power rating
  • Field-proven product quality
  • Integrated high-speed transfer switch for seamless backup power transition

Optimize the use of solar power in your home:

  • Store solar energy in batteries to power the home when the sun goes down
  • Reduce energy consumption during time of user rates
  • Compliant with HECO Self-Supply and NEM Plus

Easy to install rapid shutdown (NEC 2017) using MPPT Disconnect RS.



The XW Pro hybrid solar + storage solution is approved for HECO Customer Self-Supply and NEM Plus programs. Solar can be integrated with the MPPT 80 600 or MPPT 60 150 charge controllers, and the MPPT Disconnect RS.

Secure Backup Power

Reliable operation in backup power and off-grid applications greatly benefits from a high overload power rating. This allows the inverter to accommodate the wide variations in home electrical loads, including the high surge power that many devices draw when they are first turned on. The XW Pro 1.75x overload power capability allows reliable operation even with these temporary overloads.

For further energy resilience, the MPPT Charge Controllers directly charge the batteries even when the XW Pro inverter is off-line. This improves system efficiency and in the event of an extended outage, dead batteries can still be recharged from solar to restart the system.


Where are they available?

The XW Pro Solar + Storage solution is available at our authorized distributors. Contact us for more information!