Installers’ Toolbox: Essential Resources for Installers

Whether you are new to Schneider Electric solar or if you are an experienced Installer in need of a refresher course, this is a good place to start for technical materials on our Solar and Storage systems.

The first three points are considered essential resources for every installer. If you are a more advanced installer designing a more complex system, you can dive into the last two points on technical documentation and advanced webinars, too.

Let’s get started with the essential materials:

1. XW Pro Commissioning Guide

Start with a visit to the XW Pro Commissioning Guide. It provides you with step-by-step processes of configuring the XW Pro system, including the XW Pro hybrid inverter, Conext MPPT charge controller, and InsightHome, InsightFacility, or Conext Gateway.

XW Pro Commissioning Guide

XWPro Commissioning Guide

2. Installer Handbook

More than just a product catalog, the Installer Handbook covers several topics relevant to installers, such as bill of materials, Li-ion battery compatibility, and tech notes. Download a copy for your region and language.

Download Solar Installer Handbook

3. Essential Webinars

These are the webinars we consider fundamental to install Schneider Electric solar and storage systems. View the recorded videos in the links below:

4. Technical Documentation

These documents cover specific topics around designing and installing Schneider Electric Solar and Storage systems.

5. Advanced Webinars

Are you interested in learning more? Watch these advanced webinars and learn more from the experts:

We hope these resources will help your next Schneider Electric solar and storage system installation!

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