Introducing the New and Improved InsightCloud User Interface

Monitoring and control of your solar and storage system shouldn’t be complicated. All critical system information you need should be just a few clicks away. That’s why we launched InsightCloud with one goal in mind: making the user experience as seamless as possible. To achieve this goal, our product team has carefully listened to customer feedback and worked to improve the overall user experience of this platform.

Today, we’re proud to announce the upgraded InsightCloud that simplifies solar and storage system monitoring even more. Specifically, we revamped the user interface(UI), improved performance, and enhanced mobile compatibility.

Improved Navigation

Intuitive navigation flow is essential for a good user experience on the site. If you’ve been an avid user of the platform before, you’d notice immediately that the site-overview, multi-site view, and performance tabs have been redesigned to give you a much better overview of elements. The most important buttons are now much easier to locate with minimum distraction.

Home page


Previously you saw a list of all sites under the ‘Home’ tab.


The new UI makes all site information readily available as soon as you log in. We also make it easier for you to ‘add a new site’. Click the button in the top right corner, next to the Settings icon. 

New Multi-site overview

With the clean UI, the multi-site overview is a lot simpler to look at.

Site Comparison


Before, the ‘Site Comparison’ tab had three different graphs: power production, savings and costs, and environmental footprints by site.


Now, the tab has been redesigned to provide a cleaner, more insightful experience.



Prior to the update, you need to go through multiple tabs displayed across the screen to access different information.


We have redesigned the navigation menu to make it easier for you to use the dashboard more intuitively.

Enhanced performance

The changes also include bug fixes and improvement of site speed. Now, solar professionals and homeowners can easily access detailed real-time information on their solar and storage systems.

That’s it! Staying on top of your solar and storage system is important to identify potential issues and keep your system healthy. We hope you enjoy the improved InsightCloud platform. As a part of our mission to empower all with the most sustainable and efficient resources, InsightCloud will keep helping homeowners and professionals make the most of their solar and storage systems.

See how InsightCloud can help you watch your solar investment with cleaner, fresher and effective UI. Start here:

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