Partnering with the Canadian Coast Guard

Canada is the world’s second-biggest country by surface area. Bordering the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans, it has the lengthiest coastline of any country in the world. The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is a special operating agency in Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans; the Maritime and Civil Infrastructure group within the Canadian Coast Guard plays a critical role in ensuring Canadians receive vital maritime services.


The Canadian Coast Guard needed a system to manage its power sources and battery monitoring. Due to their commitment to reducing their GHG emissions, they wanted a potential system with renewable energy generation. The infrastructure was not only in remote locations, but also often experiencing unpredictable weather. Therefore, the energy solution needed to be durable and reliable. These were the main factors that drove the selection of Schneider Electric’s equipment.


After many meetings to understand the Canadian Coast Guard’s unique needs, a special configuration was determined. Schneider Electric Solar’s solution tailored to the CCG provides them with sustainable and resilient energy where they needed it most. Using two separate generators, ranging in size from 3.5-5kW for each system, the custom design included an XW+ Hybrid Inverter, battery monitor, 2 MPPT 60 Charge Controllers, and a robust communication and energy monitoring system.

SE Solar Site Assembly: mounted communication tower, power and communication equipment storage, and diesel storage tanks for generator fuel
View of site from helicopter


The new system can support fluctuating loads, peak usage times, as well as challenging weather conditions. With efficient charging and monitoring of batteries, the generator and battery system allows for seamless and worry-free transitions from generator to battery power. This is particularly important when outages inevitably occur on generator power.

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