How to Navigate InsightCloud User Interface

InsightCloud is Schneider Electric Solar’s energy management software that allows you to track and monitor your solar energy system. InsightCloud makes it easy for you to access anywhere, anytime, and on any device. With InsightCloud, you will be able to effectively monitor your solar system’s energy production and consumption with ease. It allows you to have all your solar data at your fingertips. Let us walk you through our simple yet powerful energy management software system:

Home Page

The first page you will load into is the home page. This is where you have a general overview of all your energy production, energy consumption, environmental benefits, and financial savings information. If you have installed our solar energy systems across multiple sites, there is a drop-down menu for you to navigate between all your sites.


If you have more than one home with Schneider Electric’s solar energy system, the Multi-Site menu is where you can get an in-depth comparison between all your sites. With the Multi-Site overview, you are easily able to view the connectivity of all your sites and other relevant information, such as kilo-watt hours of solar production, and battery voltage. For a visual representation, the Multi-Site Overview tab also includes an interactive map on the right-hand side of the page. The map marks the locations of every site and displays general site information once clicked on.

If you would like a more detailed and targeted comparison, the Multi-Site drop-down menu provides an alternative option where you may select two sites to compare. With easy-to-interpret data visualizations, the Site Comparison page makes it easy for you to understand in detail the performance of your energy systems.


Similar to Multi-Site Comparison, Performance also has a comparison option called Device Comparison. This page allows you to compare the performance of two sites, relaying information such as input and output levels.

If you are interested in a more detailed analysis of your system performance, you may navigate towards Source Analysis which presents performance indicators on individual products within a site. This could include inverter chargers, batteries, and charge controllers.

Additionally, if you would like to view more advanced analytics, there is an option entitled Site Advanced Analytics. Under this tab, homeowners can view the energy mix and distribution of your system. Under the Performance menu, you can adjust the date range between daily, weekly, monthly, and annual ranges. This option allows for a better holistic understanding of the status of your system assets.

Another useful tab that you have access to is the Alarms Warning Analysis. This page directs you to a summary of all your Alarm details.

In the last section of the Performance tab is the Benefits section. How much has your solar energy system saved you? Here, you will be able to view the financial benefits of your solar assets and system.


If you need a downloadable copy of site information, the reports page compiles all of your solar energy system information into an Energy Yield Report. If you require an ongoing system report, the Reports section also has a tab under the drop-down menu, Reports Manager, which allows you to schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or annual reports. This option also saves you time as you won’t need to manually go into the reports page and download the Energy Yield Report every time.


Under the Events section, you will find a list of all events relating to your sites. In the top left corner, you can adjust and change the site accordingly. If you have previously had warnings with your system, there will likely be overlap between the events list and warnings list.


Lastly, in the configuration section, you will be able to adjust information and settings for your sites and devices. There is also a tab called Email Notifications, where you will be able to adjust your preferred settings for email notifications. It is important to have the correct information input in your configuration tab so that the information presented on InsightCloud will be accurate.

Another important tab under the Configuration section is the User Rights tab. This tab allows you to manage your system users. When adding users to your InsightCloud, you will be presented with four user options with different access levels. This includes the basic end user, technical end user, solar installer, and site administrator. With this, you can freely adjust and manage your InsightCloud users to allow other members of your family to monitor your system.

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