Tablet Setup for InsightLocal


Have you ever walked past your Schneider Electric solar and storage system and wonder how your system is performing?

Introducing the new tablet setup guide. For all installers, this is your step-by-step guide for a hard-wired tablet setup. Whether you are new to Schneider Electric Solar or an experienced installer, the tablet setup guide helps you efficiently configure and set up your tablet along with InsightLocal. To give you a better sense, we’ve listed the key steps below for your tablet setup.


Step 1: Connect with Ethernet Adapter

Establish a connection from your gateway device’s Ethernet port to the Ethernet Adapter. Ports on your InsightHome will have a different location than InsightFacility and Conext Gateway. View the pdf file for more details.

Step 2: Setup InsightLocal

Setting up InsightLocal will require you to connect to your gateway device’s Wi-Fi signal, log into InsightLocal as Admin, Disable LAN DHCP and more.

Step 3: Set Up Static IP

To set up the Static IP, you will need to enable and configure Ethernet Device.

Step 4: Disable Screen Timeout

In just four succinct steps, you can disable screen timeout so that the tablet screen will never sleep while charging.

Step 5: Log in as a Guest

The last step is to log in as a guest, and the tablet should display a continuous power flow diagram.


We hope this overview of the tablet solution guide has been helpful. In order to view the complete guide, please download the full version below.

Download our tablet Solution Guide