Installer Spotlight: Florida Renewable Energy Services

Having founded the business in 2016, Kyle Bronstein owns and operates Florida Renewable Energy Services (FRES) with over 11 years of experience in the solar energy industry. Working as an installer of solar technologies has been a natural fit for Kyle. He has always loved tinkering, and is a self-declared tech nerd, constantly researching and exploring the latest technology.  When asked why he got into the solar industry, Kyle stated: “I thought it was like magic that you could just put these little rectangles out on your roof or in your yard and you could just create electricity.”

Solar-Powered Off-Grid Island

With Kyle’s long-standing tenure in the industry, his product knowledge and experience has naturally increased over time, and it has become FRES’ key strength. In addition, Kyle’s quality customer service comes from his business philosophy of giving the customers the facts and letting them decide. “I don’t want to sell them something they don’t want a few years out on the road. I want their systems to keep working.”

It comes as no surprise that Kyle’s comprehensive product knowledge and outstanding customer service has resulted in FRES maintaining a perfect 5/5 score on EnergySage as of July 2023. Kyle also mentioned he makes a great effort to be readily available for support and this has built strong relationships with his customers, to the point that many of them have become friends.

Among the many installations Kyle has worked on, Kyle said a standout was the installation of nine Schneider Electric inverters on an island to convert it into an off-grid electrical system. His first job there began in 2015 and he continues to visit the island for regular maintenance and installations. Enjoying the fresh ocean breeze while designing and installing new Schneider Electric systems for his customers is a bonus.

Kyle’s installation on the island

Improving Quality of Life

The biggest benefit from solar panel systems that Kyle noted was the money saving aspect for his customers. He mentioned customers love being able to cut down their electricity bill and even being able to sell electricity. His customers also have the peace of mind that in case of a power outage, they will still be able to power their homes through solar. The environmental benefits are the icing on the cake.

What does Kyle think of Schneider Products? He said Schneider Electric products are consistent. “The inverter is not going to break down in the middle of the night. You set it and forget it.” This consistency results in less repair time and costs which leads to more satisfied customers. Kyle’s trust in Schneider Electric extends to his personal life, too. When asked what brand he would consider using for his own  home, Schneider Electric products were number one on his list.

Kyle’s off grid system installations using LG 380s and 350s

The Future Looks Bright for Kyle

As someone who has been working in a swiftly evolving market for over a decade, Kyle has already been able to see the shift in mentality of viewing solar energy as niche and experimental to technology that can greatly benefit everyone. This makes Kyle excited for what’s to come in the solar industry. “Hopefully, we have more efficient panels and more efficient, cheaper batteries. I look forward to  more mass adoption and better financing options for homeowners.” As for the future, Kyle stated he wanted to continue selling systems and offering the new greatest technology.

If you are interested in contacting Kyle, visit Florida Renewable Energy Services.

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