Are you curious about what features and benefits really differentiate the XW Pro from every other inverter system?

In this webinar, our Director of North American Sales, Jack Crose, is going to explore the key features and benefits that make the XW Pro the best solar inverter solution in the market for customers that demand ‘no compromise battery backup’:

  • Starting inductive motors – well pumps, sump pumps and air compressors are very difficult for most inverters to start due to the high in rush current
  • Avoid Nuisance tripping – our toroidal transformer gives us the best overload capability in the market even on a single leg of 120V
  • Lithium ion Battery compatibility – SE has closed loop communication with a number of Li battery manufacturers
  • Advanced monitoring and control with Insight
  • Renowned durability and reliability with some systems over 17 years old

We look forward to having you at our webinar!