Energy Resilience Made Clean

Secure your home against unpredictable grid outages with reliable backup power or gain energy independence by going off-grid. Our solutions integrate with a generator to support critical loads, such as pumps, security systems and appliances, while replenishing battery reserves for extended power outages.

Your Life without Compromise

Not all solar and storage systems are created equal. With a high power rating and surge capability, Schneider Electric’s system has the power to handle dynamic backup power loads and better load handling. What does that mean? You simply don’t need to compromise your lifestyle when the grid goes down or if you live off-grid.

Learn All Things Solar 

Are you curious about solar energy? How to get started with installing solar? Or even what certain solar terminology means? Read our blogs to get answers to your solar questions:

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Running Multiple Appliances, No Problem

In a busy morning, you might make coffee with a coffee machine while simultaneously making toast for yourself and heating oatmeal for your children’s breakfast. Schneider Electric’s solar and storage system can handle multiple appliances at once. We say no one should live around their energy system; our energy system supports your life.

Do you live off-grid and need to start a pump? Leave that to us, too.

Full Generator Integration

Considering adding a generator for prolonged outages or off-grid living? Our solution is fully integrated with generators, providing a seamless transition. But don’t take our word for it: our customers say they don’t notice when the energy source switches to the generator!

Flexible Battery Capacity

Schneider Electric’s solar systems offer flexible battery compatibility and flexible energy capacity per inverter, optimizing system designs according to your energy consumption needs and budget.

Energy sophistication made simple

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Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid solar inverters use energy from both solar panels and battery storage. This means that in addition to the energy produced in your solar panels, your system can also draw stored energy from a battery storage for backup power. 

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Charge Controller

A charge controller is critical to maintaining the health and longevity of your battery systems. They help regulate the voltage delivered to the battery system and helps ensure that the batteries are not overcharged during the day and prevent the charge from running back to the solar panels so the batteries don’t get drained during the night.

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Energy Management

An energy management system is critical to understanding your energy consumption habits.  Learn more about energy management here.

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