Flexible home backup and off-grid power 

The XW Pro hybrid inverter provides energy security for residential, small commercial and off-grid applications. With high power ratings and 2X surge capability, the XW Pro is reliable for backup power operation and off-grid loads. In addition, broad battery compatibility provides flexibility in system design. It can be used for solar and storage or backup power systems without solar.

PCS Certification: In California, DC-Coupled multi-unit systems with the XW Pro are now eligible for net-metering. Please contact us for more information.

Part number: 865-6848-21

Warning: There have been some corner cases where the XW Pro has experienced issues with excessive noise, such as unusually loud humming or buzzing when running some generators with v2.04 firmware. These conditions occur when charging with a generator and when the home loads are below a specific value. While this issue is not known to pose any safety issues, we advise caution and request that customers who use generators use XW Pro firmware v1.11.01 Build 0049 instead of upgrading to v2.04. Schneider Electric will be releasing a fix for this issue shortly.