1 billion people in the world do not have access to energy

These populations, suffer from poor health, social and economic development conditions whilst paying a large part of their revenue for a harmful and polluting energy. As the global specialist in energy management Schneider Electric provides solutions to develop reliable, affordable and clean energy for your community


Large hybrid off-grid or microgrid systems offer a more sustainable and affordable AC power solution when compared to the power supplied only from a diesel generator. Conext™ XW Pro or XW+ can be combined with diesel generators into a hybrid off-grid system increasing the flexibility and reliability of the entire microgrid system while still reducing dependence on the ever increasing cost of diesel fuel. Conext™ XW+ in a three phase (230/400 V) system scales up to 76 kW (IEC) / 61 kW (UL) in a multi-cluster architecture. The Conext™ AC Combiner Box manages the AC bus line integrating Conext™ XW+ with diesel generators in a hybrid system. Batteries, along with AC and DC coupled solar PV can be added as needed to support the required autonomy. Conext™ XW+ uses the diesel generator as a backup up source for charging to extend autonomy. InsightHome and InsightFacility Edge Devices provide system control and monitoring. Conext™ solutions include:

  • Multi-cluster architecture to 76 kW (IEC) / 61 kW (UL)
  • Scalable battery storage
  • Hybrid integration of diesel generators
  • CouplingPower – AC or DC couple with PV power
  • Remote system monitoring and configuration