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InsightCloud Account Creation & Site Setup

Watch how easy it is to set up an account on InsightCloud and add your site for remote monitoring, control and firmware upgrades.

InsightLocal WiFi Station Setup

In this step-by-step video you will see how to set up a wireless connection from InsightLocal to your WiFi router for data push to InsightCloud.

InsightCloud Device Firmware Upgrade

This video demonstrates how to perform remote firmware upgrades.

XW Pro System Bypass Configurations

This video is a supplement to the “InsightCloud Device Firmware Upgrade” video.

Root Certificate Warning

Because InsightLocal is a web-based monitoring platform, this warning is normal and easy to navigate past. Be aware if InsightLocal WiFi Access Point is to be accessed using iOS mobile devices, only Firefox allows you to navigate past the security warning.

SCP vs Insight

Learn how Insight is a more comprehensive monitoring solution than the discontinued System Control Panel (SCP). We also cover Xanbus sizing guidelines and WiFi Hot Spot setup for a tablet.

How to Prepare for a Planned Utility Outage (California PSPS)

In this video we show how customers in California can interrupt the Grid Support/Peak Load Shave process to ensure a full battery is obtained and ready for a planned utility outage. Be aware that systems >10kW will also require PCS “Export Only” function to be disabled. This will allow the charger to be enabled.

Whole Home Backup with XW Pro & BCS 2200

In this webinar, we will explore XW Pro Multi-Unit configurations that include the BCS for a single POC (point-of-connection) solution that will provide whole home backup or partial home backup. We will discuss when BCS is needed, BOS options, commissioning and monitoring.

XW Pro Battery Selection & System Sizing

This webinar provides an introduction to Schneider Electric Solar and XW Pro system. It will cover choosing the right battery chemistry and designing a PV + BESS around customer needs, AC vs DC-Coupling, MPPT charge controllers, and MPPT Disconnect RS for single and multi-unit systems.

XW Pro Performance Design and Monitoring

This all-encompassing session will assist installers in understanding what sets XW Pro apart from the competition, how to assess the needs of the homeowner and design the perfect system for them. We will also explore monitoring options that will enhance the experience for the customer and for the installer.

XW Pro Troubleshooting

Whether you are commissioning single or multi-unit systems, DC-coupled or AC-coupled, this webinar offers installers the necessary resources to differentiate between normal and abnormal behavior, identify signs of incorrect configuration, and troubleshoot problematic behavior. The session will also include discussions on BCS setup and closed-loop battery configuration.

XW Pro Battery Selection System Sizing

When designing a solar storage system around the needs of the customer, you are providing a custom-tailored solution. In this webinar we will discuss storage solutions, new firmware developments and how to properly size the inverter, PV and battery.

Monitoring with Tablet Solution and System Control Panel (SCP)

Whether you have an XW Pro system or SW, it is important to understand the options for monitoring so the homeowner will have the best solution. In this webinar, we will discuss when to use a tablet vs. SCP, or whether you may want to have both.

Backup Control Switch Launch Webinar

Join Eric Bentsen for this informative webinar on Schneider Electric Backup Control Switch (BCS). It provides a single POC solution designed exclusively for multi-unit XW Pro systems. Learn how this service-entrance/outdoor-rated solution can be integrated to provide whole-home backup. We’ll also discuss how to program the BCS for sell back, self-consumption, and demand response.

Insight Monitoring with XW Pro

Whether an installer or a homeowner, Insight monitoring offers the most comprehensive experience.

In this webinar we will cover using InsightLocal, InsightCloud, and InsightMobile to commission, monitor and control your XW Pro system.

Rapid Shutdown Compliance for DC-Coupled XW Pro Systems

We review some of the key details needed to provide a complete rapid shutdown solution for DC-Coupled XW Pro systems. We will discuss important attributes of our MPPT Disconnect RS and review the supported configurations and compatibility when used with Conext MPPT charge controllers and 3rd-party MLPE.

XW Pro 3-Phase Design & Commissioning Webinar

In this webinar, we will discuss the XW Pro in 3-Phase configuration, balance of systems, AC coupling vs. DC coupling, when an external contactor is necessary, and how to commission the system.

SW Inverter Advanced Features Webinar

Our SW hybrid inverters are packed with features, which provide reliable backup and PV energy management for relatively small residences. Learn how the SW inverter might be a great fit for your next project, whether grid-tied or off-grid.

XW Pro System Performance

Not all solar + storage systems are created equal. When reliability and system performance are paramount, there is no solution that compares to the XW Pro. It shines when the customer wants a no-compromise backup solution.

In this video, we discuss why the XW design has stood the test of time and how it is superior to high frequency, transformerless inverters. Avoiding common mistakes will ensure your system design is adapted to the way the customer lives, not the other way around.

XW Pro Advanced Multi-unit Design

When it comes to solar with storage solutions, one size does not fit all. We believe designing around the needs of the customer is the path to success. In this session, we explore XW Pro in AC-coupled and DC-coupled configurations, and how to integrate with 3rd party products that will expand the capabilities of the platform for larger system requirements.

Introduction to Conext XW Pro UL for Solar + Storage Systems

In this webinar, we provide an overview of the XW Pro Hybrid Inverter, including features and applications.

Battery Selection and Sizing for Solar Storage Systems Webinar

With so many storage solutions on the market, being able to understand the value proposition of different battery technologies is an important aspect of system design. Knowing how to properly size a system is the key to customer satisfaction.

Multi-Unit Systems with XW Pro

Are you designing larger, more complex solar storage systems? Join our application engineers to learn what multi-unit, multi-cluster systems would look like using Schneider Electric’s XW series inverters. You’ll also see installation best practices on power distribution accessories and with an external transfer switch.

Hybrid System Design - Backup for California's Public Safety Power Shutoff

When it matters what the customer is able to back up when the grid is shut off, that’s where XW Pro stands out as the best in-class hybrid inverter on the market. For installers who design around the specific requirements of the customer, you realize this is the path to success for you and the homeowner.

InsightHome/InsightFacility Setup & Commissioning

Join us on this webinar as we uncover LAN connectivity, Xanbus, Commissioning of devices, site creation, and data push to the cloud.

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