Higher return on investment

  • Optimize your operations with powerful remote troubleshooting
  • Minimize truck rolls through effective remote troubleshooting
  • Configure your key operating parameters to extend equipment life


  • Monitor and analyze a single site or your complete portfolio of sites

Easy to use

  • Easily analyze your energy use and production through a user-friendly interface
  • Manage data of all key installed devices from a single login
  • Drill-down from a multi-sites overview to the detailed diagnosis of specific equipment onsite

Integration with InsightHome and InsightFacility

  • Schneider Electric’s reliable and durable hardware
  • Monitor your installation locally through live system monitoring
  • Manage and configure system settings locally with the basic or advanced configuration options
Meet the newest additions to the Insight Energy Management Ecosystem

Insight Home

A perfect solution for single family homes

Insight Facility

Support for larger Solar systems or storage systems

How to setup your account

An easy and simple process to setup your own account in minutes.