You completed the installation. Now what? This page provides you with a step-by-step guide for the commissioning of a system with 1 XW Pro hybrid inverter, 1 MPPT charge controller, and a Gateway/InsightHome/InsightFacility. Follow the steps below!

1. Download the latest firmware

The first step is to download the latest firmware of all your devices – we strongly recommend doing so before heading to the site. Visit your product page to download the firmware. Scroll down to the Downloads section and click on Firmware. The firmware file is contained in a ZIP file.

Unzip downloaded files and extract the .epkg or .xfo file into the root directory of a USB drive.

2. Request XW Pro Region Settings Password

During the commissioning process, you’ll need to set up a region code, which requires the password. We recommend requesting the password before heading to the site. Please note that the region settings password is shared with qualified professionals only. Once the form is submitted, you’ll receive the password via email. The password will be sent only once. Please keep it in a safe place.

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1. Update the firmware of the Gateway/ InsightHome/ InsightFacility

  1. To initiate the update to the firmware:
    1. Insert the USB drive into the port on your Gateway, InsightHome, or InsightFacility (gateway device).
    2. The gateway device will beep once and the LED will blink while the firmware is copied to the device and the upgrade is performed. This can take 5 – 10 minutes.
    3. If the update takes more than 10 minutes, make sure that the .epkg file is copied correctly into the root directory.
    4. Important: Once the USB drive is inserted, do not turn off your gateway device.
  2. Once the firmware upgrade is done, the gateway device emits two beeps and the LED indicator stops blinking.
  3. Remove the USB drive.
  4. Manually reboot your gateway device using the power switch to complete the firmware upgrade process.

Firmware can also be upgraded remotely. Please see the Owner’s Guide of your product if you prefer this method.

1. Upgrade the XW Pro firmware & set the region code

You can upgrade the XW Pro’s firmware through your gateway device’s web application, InsightLocal. We recommend direct access, but you can also access InsightLocal via network Wi-Fi. If you prefer the latter method, please refer to the Owner’s Guide of your product.

  1. Before upgrading the XW Pro, make sure that you read the “Read Me First” document (PDF file included in the zip file) and follow the instructions.
  2. On your laptop or tablet, go to your Wi-Fi settings and locate your gateway.
    1. Android: Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Select Gateway
    2. iOS: Settings > Wi-Fi > Select Gateway
    3. Wi-Fi password is on the back of the gateway device.
  3. Open a web browser and type the IP address,, in the address bar.
  4. Log into InsightLocal. Refer to the first-time login information in the Gateway/InsightHome/InsightFacility Owner’s Guide.
  5. In the main menu bar, click on Devices.
  6. Put the XW Pro into Standby mode first. This will stop power production.
    1. Click the XW Pro device you want to put into Standby mode.
    2. Click Configuration > Controls.
    3. Search for the control setting Operating Mode.
    4. Select Standby.
    5. Click Apply.
  7. Click Firmware.
  8. Click Upgrade.
  9. Follow the step-by-step upgrade instructions.
  10. To upgrade all similar devices in the network, click Upgrade All.
  11. Follow the step-by-step upgrade instructions.
  12. Use the Operating Mode menu to put the device back into normal operating mode.

Set region code

After the latest firmware is loaded to the XW Pro, you can set up region code.

  1. Restore each XW Pro in the system to ALL factory defaults by clicking on the XW Pro device, then click Controls. Select Reset All Settings to Factory from the Reset dropdown menu and click Apply
  2. Click on Setup in the menu bar and then select Region Settings
  3. Enter the password that you obtained in step 1 and click OK. Select an appropriate region for your utility. Pro tip – For off-grid, select IEEE 1547-2003.

2. Upgrade other devices

If applicable, upgrade other devices following the same process as the XW Pro firmware upgrade. Each device will have a dedicated “Firmware” tab.

1. Configure XW Pro

Now both your gateway device and XW Pro are up to date. Let’s start programming the XW Pro for your system using InsightLocal. The instructions below are for open-loop batteries.

Battery charging configuration

  1. In InsightLocal, Click on Devices in the menu
  2. On the left-hand side menu bar, click on Inverter/Chargers
  3. Click on the inverter icon
  4. Click on Configuration
  5. Click on the Advanced button
  6. Click on Battery Settings
  7. Select Battery Type/Capacity
    1. For customer battery type, refer to the battery manufacturer’s manual to find the correct information for maximum charge voltage/current

2. Set up the XW Pro according to your system design

Set up your XW Pro according to your system design. Below are four common system types: grid exporting, self-consumption, off-grid, and backup.

Grid Exporting or Self-Consumption

On the same page, scroll down to the next menu to Grid Energy Management

Key settings for Grid Exporting:

  • Grid Support Enable = Enabled
  • Maximum Export(Sell) Amps > Set according to maximum expected PV power, except when setting up for enhanced grid support (Grid Support Voltage = 64)


Key settings for Self-Consumption:

  • Grid Support = Enabled
  • Sell = Disabled
  • Load shave > refer to the XW Pro Owner’s Guide


If your system has a generator, please scroll down to AC 2 (Generator Settings). AC 2 breaker size needs to be set for your generator breaker size.


If your system has a generator, please refer to the Off-Grid settings. If not, please scroll down to AC1 Grid Settings. For most backup systems for default settings will be appropriate for most utility companies.


3. Configure MPPT Charge Controller

The last step is the configuration of your MPPT charge controller. Just like the XW Pro, the MPPT charge controller can be configured in InsightLocal.

Battery Charging Configuration

  1.  In InsightLocal, Click on Devices in the menu
  2. On the left-hand side menu bar, click on Charge Controllers
  3. Click on the charge controller icon
  4. Click on Configuration
  5. Click on the Advanced button
  6. Click on Charger Settings
  7. Select Battery Type/Capacity
    1. For customer battery type, refer to the battery manufacturer’s manual to find the correct information for maximum charge voltage/current

Please watch this webinar replay for more information about XW Pro commissioning, using InsightHome and InsightFacility.

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