Hybrid System Design – Backup for California’s Public Safety Power Shutoff

When it matters what the customer is able to back up when the grid is shut off, that’s where XW Pro stands out as the best in-class hybrid inverter on the market. For installers who design around the specific requirements of the customer, you realize this is the path to success for you and the homeowner.

InsightHome/InsightFacility Setup & Commissioning

Take control of your solar and storage system at your fingertips with Insight Energy Management solutions. Join Eric Bentsen (our Sales Application Engineer) on this webinar as we uncover LAN connectivity, Xanbus, Commissioning of devices, site creation, and data push to the cloud.

InsightHome and InsightFacility Launch Webinar

Curious about our newest addition to the Insight Energy Management ecosystem? Want to find out about the most useful features of InsightHome and InsightFacility? In this webinar, Eric Bentsen (our Solution Application Engineer) will show you how to monitor and control your system from anywhere at any time with InsightHome and InsightFacility, smart edge devices that connect your Schneider Electric solar and storage systems to the Insight app.

Multi-Unit Systems with XW Pro

Are you designing larger, more complex solar storage systems? Join Sandra and Eric, our Application Engineers, to learn what multi-unit, multi-cluster systems would look like using Schneider Electric’s XW series inverters. You’ll also see installation best practices on power distribution accessories and with an external transfer switch.

Battery Selection and Sizing for Solar Storage Systems

Join Eric Bentsen for this webinar on battery selection and system sizing. With so many storage solutions on the market, being able to understand the value proposition of different battery technologies is an important aspect of system design. Knowing how to properly size a system is the key to customer satisfaction.

AC Coupling vs DC Coupling

Join Eric Bentsen for the webinar on AC Coupling vs DC Coupling. Whether retrofitting an existing PV system or designing from the ground up, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of how your PV is coupled to the storage system.

Conext MPPT 80 600 Solar Charge Controller Installation and Programming Best Practices

Join Sandra Herrera for this technical webinar on Conext™ MPPT80 600 solar charge controllers. The MPPT 80 A 600 Vdc solar charge controller offers optimum system performance for DC coupled solar and storage installations, with easy, flexible installation of large PV arrays.

In this webinar, you will learn the MPPT 80 600 charge controller’s functions, features as well as installation, programming best practices. Additionally, we will discuss NEC 2017 690.11, 690.12, and 690.15 and how it applies to this solar charge controller.

Introduction to XW Pro UL for Solar + Storage Systems

In this webinar, Sandra Herrera provides an overview of our new hybrid inverter/charger, XW Pro, including features and applications.

XW Pro solar hybrid inverter/charger is a future-ready solution that is designed as the ultimate backup power and off-grid performance solution for solar & storage applications. The XW Pro 120/240V is compliant with Rule 21, HECO Rule 14H, UL 1741 SA and PREPA.

Rapid Shutdown Compliance for Solar + Storage Systems

Schneider Electric’s MPPT Disconnect RS is a multi-feature NEC 2017 compliant device that will allow the Conext series inverters to have rapid shutdown compliance, arc fault protection, and remote shutdown capabilities. Join our 30 min webinar to learn about one of the easiest to use rapid shutdown products on the market for DC-coupled system.